FOUNTIL is a closely held Private Limited Company formed through equity investment by private investors from Africa as well as Indian professionals from the Pharamaceutical Industry.

FOUNTIL is privileged and fortunate to be mentored by many leading marketing and business luminaries in India as well as overseas.

FOUNTIL is anchored and backed by experienced and professional experts. FOUNTIL Founder, Managing Director & CEO, Harirajan Padmanabhan heads the company board as well as oversees its day to day operations. He has over 30 years of Sales, Marketing, Export and Commercial experience in leadership roles serving in MNC's and Indian companies in India, Africa, and Asia.

The MD & CEO is ably supported by a lean and functional FOUNTIL Board of Directors which guarantees speed, agility, and unleashing of entrepreneurial spirit to remain competitive and to accelerate its growth and performance and is governed by FECOC behavior:

  • Embrace the Vision & mission
  • Have healthy respect for Superiors, Colleagues & Co-workers
  • 3Tís Trust, transparency & Truthfulness
  • Generate Enthusiasm, Instill Confidence & Inspiration
  • Deliver Peak performance for Self & Organization
  • Drive Innovation in products, Strategies, process & Execution
Director - Mr. Jayesh Sutaria a Chartered Accountant by profession owning and successfully managing a company audit firm.